Synapsecom S.A.
is a modern &
innovative company

Synapsecom Telecoms S.A. is a modern and innovative company active in the telecommunications, data center and information technology sectors, with shareholders from Cyprus and Greece. The company, since its establishment in 2007, operates with enthusiasm to produce innovative ideas and with dedication to adjust and make development in its fast-paced industry.

Following the constantly increasing requirements of our times and the technological evolution, our well experienced personnel adjust our solutions to be flexible and scalable.

Synapsecom Thessaloniki
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Our mission statement

Our mission is to ensure the highest level quality of service for our customers along with the most competitive prices, which is accomplished through establishing strong collaborations.

This is supported and reinforced by the fast-increasing number of satisfied customers.

Synapsecom Athens

We are unique

Our executives along with the entire personnel have extensive experience in the data centers for more than 15 consecutive years.

Our personnel is duly certified on the provided technologies by several globally well-known certification bodies such as CISCO, VMware, Microsoft and EPI, which can ensure that each service is designed and supported by experts.

Synapsecom is constantly investing in new technologies that can maintain the high standards in facilities and service quality.

All new products and services are based on innovative solutions that will bring value to your business.

The aforementioned solutions derive from the strong collaborations that Synapsecom has developed with domestic and large international partners, leading to valuable synergies.

Each partner provides its niche expertise on the synergy, making all integrated solutions unique and of truly high standards.

Synapsecom owns and operates two data centers in Greece.

Synapsecom is the only company who owns commercial/carrier neutral data centers in both commercial centers of Greece, in Athens and Thessaloniki respectively.

Within its data centers, Synapsecom has deployed its modern Cloud infrastructure based on leading-edge enterprise grade equipment.

On top of the own facilities, Synapsecom holds points of presence (POPs) in the major commercial centers of the Balkans and Europe.

All POPs are interconnected with a fiber backbone network, fully protected via multiple physical paths.

The aforementioned enable us to be your preferred partner for telecommunications, colocation as well as for implementing your disaster recovery plan.