Internet Access & Connectivity Services

Benefit from cost-efficient connectivity solutions to bring your data in the safe environment of a data center

The point-to-point or point-to-multipoint service addresses to corporate customers that require Layer 2 service between two or more points and having as a purpose to pass transparently IP traffic between these points.

SYNAPSECOM’s suggestion for the interconnection of your premises with our Data Center, which shall operate as your main node, or for the interconnection between your facilities (your offices located in Greece, or abroad), is the creation of communication channels that are based on a fiber optical circuit, copper circuit or micro wave link, symmetrical capacity, always according to your needs. The links shall be delivered on Ethernet interface, where the interconnection with your equipment in every point will be implemented.

Technical requirements are defined in the Service Order Form.

Connectivity service may be implemented with a design of primary-backup configuration (high services availability) or with a single physical route (basic service availability). In this way we cover even the most demanding solution, when it comes to service availability.

SYNAPSECOM supplies and installs the necessary network equipment in all the points through its specialized personnel or authorized partners.

For fiber optical circuits as well as copper circuits, service is provided through strategic partnerships that have been formed and give us the ability of covering Greece entirely. In cases of unavailability of the aforementioned circuits we provide the services by deploying microwave links.

Implementation of the connectivity service is subject to the site survey that is carried out by SYNAPSECOM’s personnel in all points of interest. The equipment for the link is provided by SYNAPSECOM and installed by her experienced personnel.

For the delivery of the service SYNAPSECOM can use Ethernet or SDH protocol for the lines, depending on the needs.

The Layer 2 service provides the following benefits:

  • High availability and security
  • High transmission data rate
  • Efficient service installation
  • Capacity scalability – easy upgrade
  • Monitoring of the service by our experienced personnel on a 24x7 basis (NOC)
  • Symmetric data rate
  • Guarantee bandwidth (contention ratio 1:1)

Service Level Agreement Connectivity Services

The Company intends to provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to guarantee the level of service quality. In the SLA all technical parameters along with the guaranteed availability of the service will be defined.

When the service does not meet the agreed level regarding the availability as well as the service quality, there will be penalties imposed to reimburse the customer for such malfunction or drop.

Penalties will be defined in the respective provisions of the framework agreement between the Company and the Customer.

The parameters that will be eligible for service credits are:

  • Delay in the service delivery
  • Availability of service

(Only total service unavailability shall be considered)

  • Packet loss
  • RTD

For the purpose of ensuring smooth service operation and monitoring, SYNAPSECOM provides NOC on a 24/7 basis. SYNAPSECOM NOC is formed by well trained and experienced engineers, able to monitor the service and handle any issue affecting its quality. In case of malfunction or any service degradation, the Customer can open a trouble-ticket in writing, by sending an email to and inform via phone to +30 210 8100112.

In order to ensure the highest optimization of technical support, the Customer shall appoint a technical coordinator by his side that will handle the communication between the two parties and grant access to the premises whenever this is deemed necessary.

Equipment monitoring service

  • ΙCT & Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Monitoring the Customer’s equipment alerts 24x7
  • Point of service provision: SNC-1 Thessaloniki, SNC-2 Athens, TI SparcleDC, Telepoint datacenter Sofia, computer room in the facilities of the customer.
  • SYNAPSECOM installs special software which monitors the equipment’s status and the components of the end customer, implementing checks on pre-defined intervals.
  • SYNAPSECOM can check the status of a server, network equipment, an interface, a Layer 2 circuit, an application, a website etc.
  • In case of unavailability SYNAPSECOM’s NOC receives alerts and notifies respectively the end customer depending on the procedure that has been agreed.
  • If the end customer has granted permission to SYNAPSECOM’s technicians to proceed with any action necessary to restore the trouble, the charge will be based on the time and the price list defined in the Technical Support.
  • Preservation of the logs (Alerts: Warning&Errors) for 60 days. We can preserve for a different time period upon request.
  • Equipment, that SYNAPSECOM can monitor, may be inside the Data Center, in other customer’s Points of Presence or within the customer’s facilities (computer room).
  • The trouble restoration is undertaken by SYNAPSECOM only for the equipment that is collocated inside SNC-1 and SNC-2.
  • Device is considered anything that has been chosen as monitored component, based on what was defined aforementioned.
  • For more than 10 devices there will be a discount depending on the total number.