Cloud Solutions / Virtual Server

Synapsecom is providing services, via its innovative online portal, based on VMware upon request

SYNAPSECOM has a modern High Availability Cloud infrastructure which is hosted in the data centers in Athens and Thessaloniki. Infrastructure is based on the topology described below.

Provided services are IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service - VMs) based on the virtualization platform VMware and BaaS (Backup as a Service) based on SNCloud Backup Suite.

VM’s are delivered via a Linux or Windows Server operating system (choice of the OS is on the customer). Additionally there is the option to install cPanel or Microsoft products (Microsoft SQL Server etc.).

The IaaS solutions are provided with unmetered bandwidth (Shared 100M ports) according to SYNAPSECOM’s fair share policy for the proper usage of the available resources by all the customers.

BaaS is an advanced client-server, based on-premises and cloud backup software solution for Businesses and MSPs. The whole solution can be deployed within a company to back up all virtual machines, servers, desktops and laptops. MSPs can also use it for offering secure managed backup services to their clients.

Our public Cloud infrastructure along with the private Cloud Solution that already have been  deployed for our special customers, enable us to provide cost-efficient and quality solutions.

Our real public Cloud has been deployed on enterprise grade equipment that is able to provide a very large number of virtual machines safely. All components are redundant and the centralized storage, which is automatically managed by the respective software, can guarantee that you will not experience any impact on your service in the event of a fault.

Synapsecom is providing services, via its innovative online portal WHMCS, using VMware VPS Solutions. You have the opportunity to build your own server by choosing the exact resources you need. The traffic is unlimited and is subject to Synapsecom fair share policy among the active users.

The range of our products can cover end users, resellers, ICT professionals and enterprises of every size. We aim to provide flexibility, productivity and scalability as your business needs grow.

  • Secure Cloud Servers
  • High speed Internet Access – Tier1 providers and GRIX access
  • Unmetered traffic
  • State-of-the-art hardware (Enterprise Class)
  • High Availability
  • High Speed Fiber Channel
  • SSD Hotspot Array
  • cPanel hosting platform

Benefits of Synapsecom
Cloud services

Cloud Computing and more specifically Virtual Private Servers combine the advantages of shared hosting and dedicated servers in very low prices. Using a cloud Server you can enjoy the high quality services offered by powerful computer infrastructure and at the same time avoid the high capital expenditure to acquire or develop such an infrastructure.

The Cloud service model allows you to forget about owning or renting IT hardware as you can receive equivalent service by a virtual machine running on a much more powerful physical server owned and operated by the service provider. This virtualization allows easy and fast modification of the subscribed Cloud resources in order to always meet your current needs.

This way, you only pay for the infrastructure and applications that you need, when you need them. Moreover, every future hardware and software upgrade will be undertaken by the service provider at our expense and the transition to the upgraded system will be smooth and uninterrupted.

Synapsecom Telecoms offers high quality Cloud services in very competitive prices in local and global markets. The advantages of getting Cloud services from Synapsecom are summarized in the following:

High quality Internet

Synapsecom Telecoms is a certified Internet Service Provider (ISP). Our Data Center in Thessaloniki North Greece, consists the main entry-point of the backbone fiber networks is connected to more than 5 different fiber optic networks with alternative routes which offer robustness against link failure. This allows us to interconnect with various other ISPs, which rends our network multihomed. Our cooperation with the best Tier1 providers such as Cogent, Lumen /Centurylink and PCCW as well as our interconnections in various Internet Exchange Points like GR-IX, BIX, NETIX qualify our services as best choice for Greek and international partners. All the aforementioned enable our company to offer a 99.99% SLA agreement for Internet connectivity through Gbps links to all our customers.

Data Center in Greece

Many Greek companies offering Cloud services are actually using Data Centers located abroad. Our Data Centers are located in Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki, and are directly connected with the networks of Greek ISP’s, thus guaranteeing very low latencies to all Greek destinations. At the same time, thanks to the high quality and capacity interconnection to the Internet core (Tier 1 ISP’s) latencies to international destinations are also particularly low.

State-of-the-art equipment

SNCloud runs on state-of-the-art enterprise grade equipment ensuring high performance and reliability that can meet the needs of even the most demanding user. The highly available configuration (HA) can serve even the most demanding needs.

Secure Cloud Server

All business Cloud service packages provided by Synapsecom are offered as secured solutions, which can keep your data safe and available all the time. Synapsecom has established strategic partnership with a certified company specialized on IT Security, with a large clientele operating in the most demanding industries. The infrastructure, network and services are monitored on a 24/7 basis by our experienced NOC personnel, that could react promptly and tackle any potential threat.

No set up fee

There is no set up fee to our Cloud service. You are only charged a monthly fee payable through your credit card, your PayPal account or bank deposits.

Improved Disaster Recovery plan

Your data is valuable for your business and we respect and understand it. Thus by moving your business to the Cloud, you make a disaster recovery site (DR) in a very easy and very cost-efficient way. You can set up your system to back up automatically your data to ensure you will be up-to-date in case of disaster in your main site. In this way even SMB’s can benefit from this option, as every company who would like to expand and be safe, can afford this kind of solution.

Available OS for installation:

*no traffic limit according to Synapsecom fair share policy. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information. The above prices do not include VAT 24%, if applicable. Extra computing resources (vCores), RAM and Hard Disk can be added while configuring your server.

Select the Support plan that best fit your needs

Synapsecom offers two technical support plans that can cover all requirements based on the following features:

  • Secure Cloud Servers
  • High speed Internet Access – Tier1 providers and GRIX access
  • Unmetered traffic
  • State-of-the-art hardware (Enterprise Class)
  • High Availability
  • High Speed Fiber Channel
  • SSD Hotspot Array
  • Microsoft SPLA Licenses
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